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What is a megagame?

As experienced megagamers put it:

"A Megagame is a multi-player historical simulation game, in which the participants are organised into teams, and those teams into an hierarchy of teams".

a german HQ at Market Garden 2004What does this mean in plain English?

First of all, you are playing a simulation, and there are rules designed to simulate the historical situation you are facing as well as possible, while still working as a game. You will not know the exact rules of the game (whether e.g. air support gives a +1 or a +2 on your die roll), but the general rules will be explained in the game booklet that you will receive a few weeks before the game.

The game works in turns, representing a few days in 'real time'. Your link to the game and the rules will be your liaison umpire (LU). Think of him or her as the interface. Each turn you will give orders to the units under your command, which the LU then takes to the umpire map.

umpires resolving combat in the map roomThe orders of all teams are worked out there by the Map Umpires, and some dice may be thrown to determine the outcome of combat and the effects of bombing, road stoppages and weather. The LU then returns to you and tries to translate what has happened on the umpire map to as realistic a situation report as possible.

Secondly, you operate as part of a team and that teams is in constant communication with other teams, your superiors or political chiefs. It is vital that you keep all those informed of your situation. Likewise, as superiors, you will need to get the best possible information
from your subordinates. In return you will need to give them clear and concise orders on what to do next turn.

For those that have never played a megagame, we can only say that there has been a first time for everyone taking part. If it looks complicated now, be assured you'll get the hang of it soon. Once you get into the rythm of the turns you will find that you find yourself better able to deal with the various challenges facing you.

First of all focus on your task. If your job is to take care of logistics, try to resist the temptation to also be involved in reports to and from other teams or the decision making process.

Also (operational) megagames are all about team work. If everybody fulfills his task and the team commander coordinates and prioritises well, you should be able to handle everything demanded from you.

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What is a megagame?

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