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How do I join?

To register for the upcoming megagame, please send an email to Marc Seutter, with your intention, together with the following (necessary) data:

  • Name
  • Postal address (to receive the game material)
  • Town and zipcode
  • Country
  • E-mail address

If you have any preference for a game role (cabinet, high command, army command, press or umpire) and/or nationality (French, British, German, Belgian or Dutch), please state these as well in your mail. We will try our best to do the casting with everybody's preference in mind, but of course we can't guarantee that you will get the role you desire.

If you want to register as a team, we will also try to keep you together as a team, when possible. When registering as a team, you should still send us all of the above personal data for every member of the team.

The fee for the megagame will be 25 euro for a player and 12.50 euro for an umpire. A Breakthrough 1940 T-shirt will cost you 10 euro. Finally we are thinking about organising a battlefield tour along the Grebbeberg and the Hollandse Waterlinie on the day before the megagame. We have no price yet for the tour but this will become clear in the upcoming month. If you want to obtain a T-shirt or want to participate in the battlefield tour, please state so as well in your registration mail.

We highly recommend joining the B1940 yahoo group for relevant updates and information leading up to the game.

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