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Paying your participation fee

Within the Netherlands

For payments inside the netherlands, please transfer the participation fee to our bank account, details are at the bottom of this page.

Outside the Netherlands:
How to pay euros across borders with IBAN

Note: After some discussion with our bank and its business center, it has become clear that we cannot solve the problem for IBAN payments for players from the U.K. There is only one real solution (and our bank agrees) namely pay your fee in cash upon entrance.
As a necessary exception, we will be accepting cash payments from our U.K. players. For all other players, our policy is still for payment per (electronic) transfer. If you are not from the U.K. but are having problems with the IBAN transfer nonetheless, please contact us so we can help resolve them.

Banks use a communication system called SWIFT to send and receive messages. The Bank Identifier Code or short BIC serves as a unique identifier for all banks on the SWIFT network. You should be able to see the BIC of your own bank on your paper bank statement.

The International Bank Account Number or IBAN is a bank account number in a format that makes it internationally unique and recognisable. Your own IBAN should be displayed on your paper bank statement. Normally your own account number is a suffix of your IBAN.

Since July 2003, payments in the European Union that are in euros and that specify both the BIC along with the IBAN of the beneficiary must be treated and charged as domestic payments (We know that we sometimes have to remind the UK that they are a EU member as well). Note also that this applies to payments in euros only, not the other currencies.

So, when you want to pay cross border electronically, usually your bank will require you to select a non domestic payment on the first web form. On the next form, you should be able to enter the BIC and IBAN of the beneficiary. Optionally, your bank may require you to enter the address of the beneficiary (This differs from country to country: for instance in the Netherlands you are only required to specify the residence of the beneficiary). Of course, you must specify the amount in euros as well.

The necessary data that you will or might need to book your entrance fee for Breakthrough 1940 from abroad are:

Stichting Megagames Nederland
(or short Stg. Megagames NL - in english Foundation Megagames NL).
Montgomerylaan 70
2625 PP Delft, The Netherlands

Bank account: 614146402, ABN AMRO, Delft (for Dutch residents)
IBAN: NL30ABNA0614146402

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