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For hotel reservations, have a look at, this link will take you to available hotels inside the city of Utrecht.
For those on a tighter budget, limited "couch" accomodations have been offered by our Dutch participants, contact by e-mail to find out more.

Alternative accomodation

We have been notified of two particularly appropriate accomodations in teh vicinity of Utrecht. Two fortresses from the historical Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie (NHW) offer rooms and camping spots. The NHW was built in the 2nd half of the 19th century, but soon became outdated by developments in artillery. When the Dutch army retreated from its defensive line at the Grebbe on May 14th 1940, they occupied the NHW. See for yourself whether it would have given them a fighting chance had the Germans actually attacked.

Fort a/d Klop
has accomodation for individual and group bookings. The fortress is located in the northwest of the city, about 3,5 km from the venue. It was part of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie, built in the 19th century. 

There is a camping ground at Fort Vechten. A camping spot including breakfast costs 10 euro per person. Fort Vechten is located just southeast of Utrecht along the E35/A12. It was part of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie, built in the 19th century.

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How to get there

Getting to Utrecht

By train

Utrecht is located centrally at the hub of the Dutch railway network. That means it is easy to reach by international train.

From the U.K. take Eurostar, change at Brussels station and take the direct train to Rotterdam (all international trains stop there).

From France and Belgium (Brussels/Antwerp) take the direct train to Rotterdam (all international trains stop there).

From Rotterdam take the intercity train that will take you to Utrecht Central Station in 40 minutes. Trains leave for Utrecht at least every 15 minutes.

From Germany most international trains will stop at Utrecht Central Station or in nearby Amersfoort. From Amersfoort to Utrecht takes 15 minutes. Trains leave for Utrecht at least every 15 minutes.

By air
Most low cost carriers and all major airlines operate from Schiphol, aka Amsterdam airport. The good thing about Schiphol that you are in the train station in 5 minutes from leaving the arrivals hall. From Schiphol, trains leave every 15 minutes for Utrecht and take half an hour to get there.

Some low cost carriers operate from Rotterdam and Eindhoven airports, while cheaper, these airports are located further away from means of public transport and you will lose time in getting to the train stations. Trains from Rotterdam and Eindhoven leave every 15 minutes and take 40 and 50 minutes to get there.

By car
Utrecht is a major city in the Netherlands and therefore well indicated on road signs.

From the U.K. you can choose to cross on ferries such as Harwich-Hoek van Holland. Other options (both faster and cheaper) are through Belgium (Oostende, Zeebrugge) and France (Dover-Calais). Or take the Chunnel. You can drive up the Belgian coast through Brussels and Antwerp, then onto Rotterdam. At Rotterdam set course for Utrecht. The distance from London to Utrecht is about 500 km, from Calais about 340 km, from Oostende about 250 km.

From Belgium and France drive through Lille, Brussels and Antwerp, then onto Rotterdam and Utrecht. The distance from Brussel to Utrecht is about 180 km, from Paris about 480 km.

From Northern Germany, take the E30 from Osnabruck via Apeldoorn. From Southern and Central Germany as well as the Ruhr, take the E35/A12 via Arnhem. The distance from Dusseldorf to Utrecht is about 200 km, from Osnabruck about 225 km.

Getting to the venue

By train

From Utrecht Central Station 8 trains each hour take you to Utrecht Overvecht station in 5 minutes.

If you want to the venue directly from Amersfoort, you can take a local train that stops at station Overvecht (see map). There are two fast trains every hour that take less than 20 minutes. Pass under the railwaystation to the other side of the tracks.

From Overvecht station (Albrecht Thaerlaan) walk in the direction of Utrecht Central Station. At the Tripkade turn left. Then cross the road towards the Krammlaan on the other side of the road and walk straight on to the Van Lieflandlaan.

By Bus

Bus 1 departs from the bus station at Utrecht Central Station. Get off at the Kardinaal de Jongweg (11th stop). The Van Lieflandlaan is at the other side of the road. See this map for nearby bus stops.

The Lieflandcollege is just within the central Utrecht public transport zone and will cost you only two strippen to reach from anywhere within the city centre.

By Car

From the east (Amersfoort/Arnhem)
From the E30/A28 change to the A27 (direction Amsterdam) at the Rijnsweerd junction, then take the next exit (Veemarkt) Cross to the left under the motorway onto the Biltse Rading. On the roundabout head straight on (Kardinaal de Jongweg). Almost at the end of the Kardinaal de Jongweg at your right is the Van Lieflandlaan.

From the E35/A12 change to the A27 (direction Amsterdam) at the Amelisweerd junction, then take the second exit (Veemarkt). Continue as above.

From the southwest (Rotterdam/The Hague)
From the E30/E35/A12 change to the A27 (direction Amsterdam) at the Amelisweerd junction, then take the second exit (Veemarkt). Continue as above.

From the northwest (Amsterdam)
From the E35/A2 turn off at the Industrieterrein de Wetering onto the N230 Ring road (first Zuilense Ring, then after the first roundabout Karl Marxdreef, then after the second roundabout Albert Schweizerdreef). Then take the first major road (Moldaudreef) to you right. This ends in a T-junction, where you turn left (Moezeldreef). The road then bends to the right (Tiberdreef) and continues after yet another roundabout. Then pass under the railway line onto the Tripkade and take the first right onto the Krammlaan and on to the Van Lieflandlaan.

More on parking around the venue in the next update.

By Taxi

Taxis are available from Utrecht Central Station and several places in the city centre.

By Bike

If you feel like going Dutch all the way, why not rent a bike? Bike rental is available from Utrecht Central Station. The added advantage is that you are flexible in arrival and departure and roaming around town. No worries about having a drink as well. City centre Costs about 7 euro per day.

By Foot

Actually, as the Lieflandcollege is only 2 km from the city centre, you might fancy a walk on a sunny day. Free.