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Breakthrough 1940

Megagames Nederland presents a one-day strategic and political game with players gathered from across Europe where you decide the outcome

With over 100 other players you are:

  • Head of State
  • Cabinet Minister
  • Military Commander
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Breakthrough 1940: The Game

Breakthrough 1940 is a map based game that will give room to about a hundred players and umpires. The players are grouped into teams, consisting of political or military decision makers.

soldiers on the borderThe game brings in the problems of alliance warfare for the Allies - joined together in some cases for the first time.  Belgium and the Netherlands being unable to jointly plan with France and Britain prior to hostilities due to their neutral status.  The Germans, on the other hand are faced with the prospect of launching their new blitzkrieg doctrine against the strongest and best-equipped army in Europe, the French. I is one thing to use this successfully against an outdated and numerically inferior enemy like in Poland - quite another against an enemy numerically superior and with, in many cases, better technology. If this new doctrine fails to bring the campaign to a speedy conclusion, the Germans face the unwelcome prospect of a prolonged and bloody war of attrition.

Although the game is based on history both sides will get the opportunity to devise their own plans. How well these plans are thought out and executed will determine the outcome of the game. And history may be changed as a result.

Breakthrough 1940 will take place on the 25th of April 2009, in the Liefland College, Utrecht. Located centrally in the Netherlands, and easily accessible by car and public transport.

In addition, two umpire training sessions will be held prior to the event, on February 21st and March 14th, in Nijmegen.

What is Megagames Nederland?

Megagames Nederland is made up of a couple of enthusiast who have been designing games and megagames for a long time. They were inspired Jim Wallman who organised some of the first mega-games in England. Jim, who now has more than 50 megagames to his name, designed 'Breakthrough 1940!'  in 1990 and it was a great success. He is excited to restage the game for a new audience.
Megagame Nederland and Jim Wallman have previously organised, amongst others, Operation Market Garden 2004. This website contains an after action report of the game as it played out, complete with full-colour action photos.

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